Tips for avoiding BPA in canned food

By Juliana Bilowich
Public Health Organizer

Last week we released a new report on the prevelance of BPA and other toxic chemicals in canned food linings. The report found the 2 out of 3 cans tested contained thet toxic chemical BPA.

Ultimately, it will take action by the FDA to ensure that all cans are safe. In the absence of goverment action we are calling on food companies and retailers to do more to ensure their products are not harmful to health.

Until we see federal policy reform and voluntary market-based solutions that provide people with the information they need to make safe and informed purchases of canned food, we recommend consumers do the following:

  • Use glass, ceramic and stainless steel food storage containers and water bottles. Glass jars are easy to clean and can be reused for serving, drinking, storing, freezing and heating foods.
  • Use glass and ceramic in the microwave. No plastic!
  • Avoid canned foods whenever possible, choosing fresh and frozen instead.
  • Look for soups and sauces in glass or other safe packaging.
  • Skip the can, soak dry beans overnight and cook them the next day, or do a quick boil for dried beans.

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