Victory! P&G commits to disclose fragrance ingredients

By Emily Scarr
State Director

Today we won our campaign of over a year to convince P&G to increase disclosure of ingredients in "fragrance" which Maryland PIRG Foundation, USPIRG and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners spearheaded, and was supported by public health and environmental groups across the country. You can see our statement here.

Some chemicals used in "fragrance" are toxic, but because companies aren’t required to disclose fragrance ingredients, consumers and regulators have had no way of knowing if the products are putting public health at risk.

This comes a few months after our win convincing Unilever to do the same. Now, we've got all eyes focused on L'Oreal - and have a report coming out soon calling them out to be next.

At the same time, 5 states have considered legislation to require companies to disclose ingredients in fragrance in cleaning products and/or personal care products. 


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