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Report Finds Hazards Among Holiday Toys
Paul Gastler

The 28th "Trouble in Toyland" report, released on Tuesday, summarized the various toys which could be harmful for children. The survey for toy safety continues to find toys with lead and other toxins, choking hazards and noise issues. The Maryland PIRG report led to 36 recalls last year. Some toys on this year's report are available on shelves legally, such as a "smart phone for toddlers," but were still found to be hazards. In the case of the toddler phone toy, the PIRG foundation found it to be a noise hazard. A top concern remains choking. Experts say there's an easy test past simply looking at the label: if a toy fits through a toilet paper roll, it could potentially choke a child. For the full report, and the US Safety Commission - where you can search for product recalls or report an unsafe product - visit

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